Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The body is not your enemy..(Pat Nolan)


The Body..

Is an appearance 

Created from a multitude of perceptions and conceptions..

Each of the multitude arising in This..and seemingly

Integrated to be you and me.. thus birthing a new perception

And conception..which may arise with a nagging belief in 

The end all of a reality of birth and death..

This story may resonate..suggesting an awakening to the

Vastness and Oneness of This..or perhaps not..

If stories may arise continuing the warfare

Story of ages..affecting the body with bouts of discomfort..

New body stories arising..rearranging and disguising This..

Yet..Perfect it is for this moment...

The body is not your enemy.

The body is your best friend.

It is the litmus paper that reflects your mistaken beliefs or your correct alignment with your True Nature.

If the body is stressed and suffering from anxiety and fear it is because there is still a  belief that you are a separate self.

If there is a realization of our True Nature the body becomes  aligned with the Peace, Love and Joy of the Source it is appearing in.

The bodys neutrality is a sacred gift to the ego. 

It is a compass to help to point you home to the Source you have mistakenly believed you left.

To use the compass correctly is not to identify with how it feels but rather to see it as a reflection of how intimate or disconnected it is  with its Source.

Looking at the compass without judgment or blame orientates it to the Loving place that you are Now looking from.

~~Pat Nolan

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