Sunday, February 2, 2020

A few words strung together (with David Whyte)

A few words strung together

Recall our stirrings
Awaiting the signals
From where we know not
To lace together
The disparities
Of our perceiving..
Disparities may be faint
Or of pounding fury..
Yet the lines must reflect
How disparities dissolve
In our eternal sea...

“The poet lives and writes at the frontier between deep internal experience and the revelations of the outer world. There is no going back for the poet once this frontier has been reached; a new territory is visible and what has been said cannot be unsaid. The discipline of poetry is in overhearing yourself say difficult truths from which it is impossible to retreat. Poetry is a break for freedom. In a sense all poems are good; all poems are an emblem of courage and the attempt to say the unsayable; but only a few are able to speak to something universal yet personal and distinct at the same time; to create a door through which others can walk into what previously seemed unobtainable realms, in the passage of a few short lines.”
― David Whyte

David Whyte: A lyrical bridge between past, present and future/TED Talk

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