Monday, February 10, 2020



The assumption we are free
Is a map which guides the
Comings and goings of our day..
The assumption is a message
Relaying the truth that indeed
We are free..with newly directed
Attention to ourself as Freedom..
We are startled to find we are 
Always identified by that Freedom..
And..of that map..we recognize
It appears in Freedom and 
Will  apparently continue to 
Map our known
As a dream...

It is only when one steps off the wheel of conditioning/karma in full Awareness of the SELF They Really Are that that this destiny ceases to govern the experience of the SELF in that body. Even then, the body has its own destiny, but the SELF no longer attempts to interfere as it did while IT was ‘trapped’ in the many masks of a personal identity nor is IT molested by it.~~John McIntosh

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