Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Breaking News..?

Breaking News..?

In our dreamtime
We receive a gift
Which when seen
As a gift
There is immense 
Next morning we
Can and usually ignore:
Realizing the unreality
Of the dreamtime 
Having just passed..
The gift may be a glimpse
Of Wholeness separating
Within Itself and making
Of Itself appearances
Of convincing stature..
Breaking News...?

A dreamer dreams a dream. He sees the dream world with pleasures, pains. etc. But he wakes up and then loses all interest in the dream world. So it is with the waking world also. Just as the dream-world, being only a part of yourself and not different from you, ceases to interest you, so also the present world would cease to interest you if you awake from this waking dream (samsara) and realise that it is a part of your Self, and not an objective reality.
Because you think that you are apart from the objects around you, you desire a thing. But if you understand that the thing was only a thought-form you would no longer desire it.
All things are like bubbles on water. You are the water and the objects are the bubbles. They cannot exist apart from the water, but they are not quite the same as the water.
~~Ramana Maharshi

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