Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What is History?

What is History?

History in schoolbooks
Is an agreed-upon memory
Codified and presented
As what happened back then:
This our conventional view..

The question for us:
When will history be discovered
As a limited memory
Created by researchers' tools
Of thoughts and perceptions..

Layered and filtered to 
Appear as pictures on a page..
To simply provide stuff for 
Our dream playing on a screen
Made of  Here and Now..?

The chains of bondage that keep the slumbering God-SELF lingering in the Grand Dream shift with the rolling tide of time [also an illusion]. In one era the glamor of Kings, Queens and conquerors captures humanity’s attention, while in another adventurers and discoverers of new worlds hold the focus of the dream with equal engaging influence. Today’s heroes of the dream are entertainers, actors and entrepreneurs who literally create even deeper layers of dreaming with which to sway the SELF’s attention away from Truth. Every era highlights another phantom attraction, which pervades every phase of the great play the sleeping masses have bought into for eons. ~~John McIntosh

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