Saturday, February 29, 2020

There are no others..

There are no others..

This expression of Truth
Is often acknowledged with a
Base of reference in 
Conditioned separation..
We notice the very rapid
Changes of things..brought to us
By sciences's advances..and so
The Truth is shaded by our 
Assent..but we are deceived..
Deceived until we are jolted
That Truth is absolute..per
There are no others...

At some point when you hear the phrase: "There 'are' no others,"
It will shift beyond a simple intellectual concept that you may
accept on some an absolute "knowing."  In that moment
you will realize beyond any doubt that these dramatic events and
those that act them out "are" YOU, and that they are shining Light
on your own "stuff."
~~John McIntosh, The Rising Tide of Light

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