Monday, February 3, 2020

Whatever Arises..

Whatever Arises

Whatever arises
In this writing is
What might arise..
Meanwhile Emptiness 
Swallows concerns for
Finding new words
Arising in the same
Reminding us
That you and I can
Remain joyfully and
Indefinitely in
This Free and Open
We Are...

"You can’t do anything because you can’t do what you already are. You are the light, which allows creation to be. Look, it is happening right here, right now, in everything that’s taking place for you. Simply let it be there…no questions, no judgments, no wish to change anything or make it better.
Fall in love with this. Fall in love with it intimately, and everything else will “emerge". And don’t stay fixed with one thing. Let whatever arises come to the forefront and fall away back into emptiness.”
~~Tony Parsons

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