Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Sneeze...volition

The Sneeze

We seem to act
Of our own volition..
Departing this place
To arrive over there..
Coffee..not tea..
Unquestioned choosing..
But does the simple sneeze
Unfurl the question:
Is there volition..?
Are all events really
Sneeze events...?

Osho...on the sneeze...

You cannot sneeze voluntarily; you cannot “will” it. How can you? How helpless man is! You cannot “will” a single sneeze. Howsoever you may try, you cannot bring it out. A single sneeze – such a small thing, but you cannot will it. It is non-voluntary; volition is not needed. It does not happen because of your mind; it is because of your total organism, your total body.

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