Monday, October 22, 2018

Work and Play

There is an equality
to be observed in
what seem as the
segments of life..
All are appearances
in the present moment..
(Really not a moment
but Now outside of time..)
Work and play are
simply modifications of
into seeming forms:
one form or another
but the pleasure and
the truth come
from the discovery
that the same Field or
underlies and
composes all...

Live life as it comes, but don't be involved in it.
Let it come, don't reject it.
If nothing comes keep contented and sit quiet
This is a true Teaching.
Still some doubts and notions and unworthiness seem to arise.

Doubts and notions belong to the past. Now no more doubts or notions will touch you. Just laugh at them when they arise! Grace knows nothing about unworthiness or worthiness. Throw a flower or spit into the ocean and it responds the same. Unworthiness is just mind baggage. Unworthiness is only your ego postponing its own destruction.
The Self doesn't mind that the mind goes to Europe because Europe is in the Self. Go anywhere and you will be taken care of. The problems arise when the ego takes the burden of controlling itself. Identify with the Self and the mind will go nowhere.

~ Papaji

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