Thursday, October 4, 2018

Either/or and Both/and

Either/or and Both/and

In times and places
we seem to be edging toward
 the reality of consciousness..
Language fails
as it tries to approach
to identify that
which experience knows
as beyond understanding..

There is an equality
in experience which
expansively allows
everyone of us
throughout this globe
to access this truth..

And so..what of language..?
language points 
and can only point..
Either/or and Both/and
only can point..
We await the 
experiential knowing
of many global citizens joy
know of language anew...

I enjoyed the poem.

The method in my madness in posting this little exercise was to (hopefully) demonstrate how difficult it is at the practical level to construct a story of events without employing some level of mixing elements or words of both matter and consciousness. This was not an attempt to refute Idealism but rather an attempt to demonstrate the difficulty. I suspect that this difficulty is perennial because to speak of consciousness in the pure sense is quite possibly not possible (the Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao). To elaborate consciousness one simply must place it in containers. Even BK must employ metaphors or analogs (such as alters or whirlpools) in order to tell the story of his theory. In doing so, objects are created and there's a strong tendency for the map to become the territory. It is in this sense that I suggest that storytelling leans toward materialism because the audiences are in bodies that feel material things or reference senses to objects. For example, one can say "redness" alone but saying "the redness of an apple" is what evokes story and meaning. Thus, we are stuck with some level of materialist reference unless the audience can be motivated or touched by a silent or nonverbal transmission. 
(Response to the poem from "Metaphysical Speculations" by Lou Gold)

@Lou..Your words are quite instructive.  Perhaps with a more grounded consciousness-perspective it can be possible to perceive the red apple and simultaneously perceive the redness as a coloration of consciousness.  Both/and? A perspective which recognizes the object as object, but finds the real beauty in the dissolution of both subject and object...CC

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