Monday, October 8, 2018

Prison bars

Prison bars

are the appearances of

what is at last recognized as unreal:
the imprisoning belief in limitation
of the body and mind by appearance..
discovering appearance as appearance
enflames the old and worn belief
and makes clear: the prison has
no bars...

Hope for the death of hope
The Bird of Paradise is born
From the ashes of illusion
Bird with your wings and Eye of Fire

"The separate entity we imagine ourselves to be
cannot reside in the present.  It can only make its
home in the imaginary past or future.  It can only
reside in time and space but never in the eternal
and infinite presence of the here and now.  It simply
dies when it tries to go there and that death is love.

~Rupert Spira (Presence, Vol 2, p30)

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