Saturday, October 6, 2018

Brain scans

Brain scans

A brain scan is viewed
and seems to record
the busyness of a brain
most independent and active.. 
A brain viewed as  creator
with the scan recording the 
colors and this
electrical flesh originates our
minds and our lives..

However..we are invited to pause
and experience a revolution..
a revolution of reversal:
a top-down point of view replacing
an old and worn bottom-up..

Consciousness-only is napping
and dreaming of you and me
as we live our bottom-up lives.. 
on a promising day..a new
point of view finally dawns:
top-down is a gift of freedom..
we are shocked to find that
we are the one napping
and dreaming of breakfast and 
jewels and brain scans...

The materialist point of view is the second-person point of view.
The idealist point of view is the first-person point of view.
And the Consciousness-only model is the zero point of view…, 
which encompasses both of those but is beyond both of them.
Q: Yes. Good, that.
R: And another way of saying it (which is just for some of you 
to think about in the early hours) now that you’ve touched on it:
The zero, from pure Consciousness’ point of view, 
Pure Consciousness has no dimensions.
The mind only has a single dimension; 
it only has an extension in time but not space.
And from the second-person point of view, 
space seems to come into existence.
So, something that is zero, has zero dimensions;
Takes the form of something with one dimension; 
Which, in time, takes the form of something that has 3 dimensions.
So, first there is dimension-less Consciousness, then time, then space.
That’s your homework. Ponder that.

~Rupert Spira. For the YouTube video see:  

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