Wednesday, October 17, 2018


this is vital:
knowing what is named
consciousness unlimited
as yourself.. not the
limited person you
have seemingly 
always..without question
considered yourself
to be..
you are not 
what others have
muttered as truth in
past times..but now
in this moment
knowing what is you
and you and you and
you and you and you
is why you are here:
to know and be...

Friends - Here is a very interesting, scholarly description of Consciousness, its causes, the complicated brain, etc., etc. from the Esoteric Quarterly in three parts.  Lots of reading and understanding to undertake, and some of this will make your head swim with wonder and appreciation to be alive to witness our existence, etc.  Be informed :-)

Good evening , CP, AW, TS...

I have skimmed quite a lot of these three links.  It appears to me to be a good source for
material "about" consciousness.  I would not diminish the importance of this, but at
my stage in life, my advice would be to find a teacher who teaches this subject from an
experiential point of view.  That will give a person the visceral experience of the
meaning of consciousness, an experience which will be clearly found, for that person,
to be the truth. Then...returning to the "about" documents she can find resonances
here and there with what she already knows, and that will be experienced as sufficient...CC

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