Thursday, October 25, 2018

I think so..

I think so..

when these words occur
we imagine the place
from which they emerge..
since time long ago
this place has been assumed
as within the body
we have so long occupied..
evolving now in spurts
is a new day of realizing
that the thought arises
in a place much vaster
in a new "I" which
loses its bodily bounds
and with this loss
the soon fading of I...

In order to believe the story your thoughts present, you must at some level want to own your thoughts. Thus you consolidate the idea that there is a thinker who needs these thoughts. Hence, every thought has its origin in the “I” thought.
~Jac O'Keeffe

The separation between:
the knower and the known,
the experiencer and the experienced,
the thinker and the thought,
the feeler and the felt,
the doer and the deed;
never actually occurs.
It is made only of the thought that thinks it,
and is substantiated in the body as feelings.
The (apparent) separate self is not an entity;
it's an activity of thinking and feeling,
that resists what-is and seeks what-isn't.
~ Rupert Spira

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