Monday, October 29, 2018



is a name sometimes
said to fall to a person
suffering from illusion..
an unfortunate 
a person whose name
is Maya
knows the illusory nature
of multiple appearances which
are produced by our powers of
conception and perception..
knows the veiling of her Self
by those asserting appearances..
knows these appearances
do not have a
life of their own..

Maya Knows...!

The Daily Quote from Rupert Spira, 29th October 2018

Just as a screen assumes the name and form of an image with which it seems to veil itself, so I, the light of pure Knowing, assume the name and forms of thinking, sensing and perceiving, and appear, as a result, as a mind, body and world. Thus, with my own creativity, I assume a form with which, from the point of view of that form, I seem to veil Myself. However, I am never really veiled from Myself. I am only veiled from the illusory point of view of one of the names and forms that I assume. When I seem to veil Myself from Myself in this way, I am known as Maya.

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