Saturday, December 17, 2016

Looking and Listening

Looking and Listening

We continue..
The search with our instruments
 depends on a clear reply
to the question we ask of aloneness..
We begin with our instruments
hoping to find some-thing similar:
reporting you are not really alone..
Yet we note that much closer-in
uniqueness is rampant right here..
With ease we imagine
boundaries not distinct
pictures not clear and sharp
an artist's abstractions..
Infinite variances seem to taunt 
 peering for some-thing out there..
Does a better question await..
A question which asks:
Which direction must our instruments locate our everyday
 experience of Wholeness...?

If even one other civilization existed in our galaxy and had a similar or more advanced level of directed-energy technology, we could detect ‘them’ anywhere in our galaxy with a very modest detection approach,” said UC Santa Barbara physicist Philip Lubin, head of the UCSB Experimental Cosmology Group this past June. “If we scale it up as we’re doing with direct energy systems, how far could we detect a civilization equivalent to ours? The answer becomes that the entire universe is now open to us. (from The Daily below has the entire article.)

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