Saturday, December 17, 2016



Bill shot a baleful glance in her direction (see below)
and so what might be said of this Bill?
He is likely projecting what lies inside:
a mini-self dwelling in seeming separation..
In his birth Bill was open and trailing the light
but his birth and forgetting led him to prison
as we all find our prison leaving our birthright..
Yes..we have our life joys..these serve as comfort
as the prison walls assert again and again..
The prison is also filled with grace
sending a message of Comfort in many dark hours..
Bill..we all hope..receives his message one day
and then knows his prison anew..simply a shadow
blocking his view.. assume Bill has seen..and about that glance:
it is one of Happiness to..let's call her Grace
which has been her name..always...

(with thanks to William Wordsworth)

  1. threatening harm; menacing.
    "Bill shot a baleful glance in her direction"

    synonyms:menacingthreateningunfriendlyhostileantagonisticevil, evil-intentioned, vindictivewickednastybitteracrimoniousmalevolentmaliciousmalignantmalignsinister;

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