Wednesday, December 7, 2016



A forbidding word rises to our surface
life as turbulent shatters the calm
and the calm may now in back glance
appear as imprisoning..
Surprise and reversals traverse the land
and resistance finds futility..
Seemingly our choices are already made..
We are called to ride the storm
to shape as each each unique way
each momentary outline of 
our own creation..underway... 

"In many ways the last election represents this adolescent breaking through of hidden unspoken forces through a locked and repressive exterior form. The gridlock was not just in Congress, but in the whole bankrupt almost oligarchical political process that had served its time, and the way all of us have been sustaining the lock though our self-referencing communities of mutual agreement. The representative who has ridden the wave of those forces to the presidency may exhibit many of the characteristics of an adolescent himself, but the forces and necessary conversations his emergence represents are no less real and are something any mature mind should consider. His emergence points toward a chaotic turbulence followed by a new order, an order we need to be extremely vigilant in helping to shape no matter whether we have called our selves liberal or conservative or something in between. One thing is certain, those who elected him will be just as disappointed and sometimes horrified as those who now oppose him, while those who voted against him will be surprised and sometimes a little disorientated by the dismantling of previous imprisoning norms they are glad to see gone."
~~David Whyte

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