Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ten Non-dual Paths to Forgiveness

Ten Non-dual Paths to Forgiveness

Path #1

Forgiveness is the sinking
head into heart..
The head dwelling in separation
concedes logic's demands
but confronting questions
time after time:
Why? and What?
Surrendering at last
to the sinking..
the Heart...

Path #2

Forgiveness is downloading
of new software..
Our old software
employs the ego rampant
rendering forgiveness
a difficult dream
searching in forlorn places 
finding only traces..
New software finds it all
Here and Now...!

Path #3

Real forgiveness is Now
not in time..
Events in the past
seeming in need of 
are only known 
and what of the Now..?
it's other name
our true identity:

Path #4

is an iteration
of Forgiveness..
a shading and 
concealment of
formulated light..
Our awaking brings
the repentance 
the return 
the feedback
to never absent

Path #5

A shock it is
to learn that
Forgiveness is not personal..
It is a realization
of a substance common
to all concerned
transparent and eternal
the real Self..
With that realization
duality of conflict
dissolves in the

Path #6

Quantum forgiveness
is the only
A leap into
 infinite non-locality..
The suddenness arrives
within painful progress
or perhaps
strangely enough
out of the blue...!

Path #7

an experience of sealing
our separate brokenness..
It is mandatory..
Yet the sealing
can be accomplished
only by those who see
there is no need
for the sealing...

Path # 8

in a separated
dualistic reality
seeking forgiveness
in thought and time
is not satisfying..
The lingering pain
 from a fruitless search
for forgiveness in
all the wrong places...

Path #9

is a restoration of
peace and happiness
with new clarity:
The Awareness of
peace and happiness
was never in need of 

Path #10

We need to see clearly
that all relationships
take place in 
infinite Awareness..
But wait..
not in .. but as..
All those hurts
are constrictions
of Awareness
crying out their
illusory separation...

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