Wednesday, June 17, 2015



conceals the truth
of our real identity
not as body and mind
but as
I Am..
It is a forgetting
of true Self..
So let's change
incarnation to mean:
born into
thinking and perceiving
being Aware
these other names
of simply
I Am... 

Why think of reincarnation? 
You are not even incarnated let alone reincarnated!
Incarnated means ‘born into the body.’ See clearly that the Awareness that you intimately know yourself to be in this very moment is not located in or as the body.
Be knowingly that Awareness and allow all appearances of the apparent entity and all ideas about incarnation and reincarnation to pass through you.
Who is the ‘I,’ the you, that will quit ‘that apparent entity, that personality, that ego?’ That one does not have to quit anything - it is already inherently free of the separate entity.
And who is ‘that apparent entity, that personality, that ego’ that needs to be quit? It dies or disappears every time the thought or feeling about it ceases. In other words, it is constantly dying.
In fact, it was never alive in the first place. As an entity it is just an object, like a table or a chair. However, if we look for that entity, we never find it. We find instead this presence of Awareness, that is, it finds or knows itself. That is what is alive in all seemingly alive things.
That is the light, the aliveness, the ‘experiencing’ in all seeming things and experiences.
Take your stand knowingly as this presence of Awareness and see that it never moves, changes, appears disappears, is born or dies.....

~~~excerpt from Rupert Spira essay 

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