Tuesday, June 2, 2015



A challenge for some
only the gaze
finding both
separation and love..
Words interrupt
making love hide
until once more
simple gazing

Meet Artist Marina Abramovic a former Yugoslav artist now based in New York, who started her performance art career in the early 70s. Her work mainly focuses on the relationship between the audience and the performer. She explores the infinite possibilities of the mind and the limits of the human body.
In this performance she spends one minute sitting and looking at a total stranger.  Lots of people showed up, but when this one man sat down, her response gave me chills and goosebumps.  The man who sat across from her at 1:30 is Ulay her former lover.  They broke up over 30 years ago and haven’t seen each other until this exact moment.  She was so shocked by this surprise that she is hardly able to complete the minute.
Her reaction is so powerful that it brought me to tears.  This is such a touching and beautiful moment.
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  1. This is a demonstration of quintessential poignancy and emotion from the heart.