Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Pull..


The Pull..


This experience occurs

To most of us regardless of

How we might stand as 

Self-knowing.. shaded by 

Insisting separation..

This pull from the Self

However unpleasant

Is a lifeline awaiting our

Attention..during lifetimes of

Dismissed annoyances...


-John McIntosh

It is the sincere ‘inner pull’ to serve and Love Life … in any form, that brings about what appears to be an expression of ‘lifting-up’ and not any particular so-called ‘doing’ within the realm of the Grand Dream.

You Are the SELF, of which there is only ONE [All is ONE] and the universe/world is a holographic projection on the screen of Consciousness [SELF], which appears real but is NOT. The SELF You Are enters the limitless possibilities of these holographic images [for example: a body-mind-identity and experiences all manner of story/dramas tied to the conditioning of limitation IT takes on throughout its ‘journey-without-distance’. Many of these experiences are traumatic and the inherent Love that ‘is’ the SELF can ‘lift’ IT SELF through what appears to be ‘others’ when this ‘inner pull’ occurs.

When you, even in total sleep to this Truth, experience this ‘inner pull’ to ‘lift’ what appears to be ‘another’, it is the True SELF in that moment that is Awake to IT SELF … no matter how brief this moment may be. This is how pain and suffering communicates with even the most stubborn sleeping aspect of IT SELF in order to ‘wake’ IT SELF up from the Grand Dream.

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