Sunday, October 18, 2020

No repetition..

No repetition..

It is all New..!

There is sameness

But uniqueness is the

Elixir and meaning of 

Life lived fully..

The baggage of memory

Which seems to convince:

"Same old, same old"

Falls by the wayside when


Refreshes and commends

Our real Identity...

Truth never changes, but the expressions of truth are constantly in change, continually new. It is only the “person” who, looking for security, turns life into repetition. In reality, there is analogy between moments, but there is no repetition. When you face life you must never look at it through memory. Be free from memory. You bring certain aptitudes into play, aptitudes from heredity, father, mother, and also certain learned tools, ways of behavior acquired through your education and experience. All this belongs to your personality. In facing life without memory and accepting totally the facts, you find yourself open to life. In this openness there is intelligence, in this openness there is sensitivity. So the real personality comes from the moment itself, from the situation itself. There is nothing personal about intelligence and sensitivity. The real personality arises with the situation and dissolves with the situation, leaving no residue. You are free from memory. There is no compromise. You act according to the situation. So there is nothing personal in the real personality. When you act according to the situation, it is action without will, free from the ego. In other words, real action is looking away from the personal action. You must look away from the target. To obtain the goal you must look away from the goal.

~~Jean Klein

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