Sunday, October 18, 2020



Whatever you attach yourself to is your jailer confining your experience of the Infinite Life you ‘are’ to a tiny speck. If you fear losing something or someone, that is a prison. If you fear not getting something or someone, that is a prison. Emptiness does not mean you must be ‘without’ anything or anyone, it means you are not bound by anything within your moment to moment experience. It means you are completely at ease with what comes and what goes and as a result the steady stream of thought normally present … is missing.

Emptiness ‘is’ Freedom and can be present in a billionaire whose life is a cacophony of activity as it can be with a naked ascetic living in a cave. It is the mind which holds the keys and can easily be relieved of its false role by allowing all attachments, all expectations and all identifications to fall away. However, until this bondage becomes intolerable the mind [the false self] will ‘settle’ for the confining life of littleness and limitation.

~~John McIntosh

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