Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Naps of Forgetting..


Naps of Forgetting..

There is awakening:

The joy of last

Our true Self..the expansive

Newness which has

Poked and prodded so long..

But apparently remaining

Are naps of forgetting

Which induce the sleep we

Once endured..until

A new remembering 

Whisks heavy eyelids...

The SELF ‘is’ Consciousness. In order to ‘know’ IT SELF, IT must have a frame of reference … a reflection. Being Empty/Nothing-ness … this is NOT possible in ‘Truth’, and so it must create this in an ‘illusion or dream’. IT can so-called ‘do’ this in full Conscious Awareness of Who IT Is … or, unconsciously, forgetting ‘for a season’ ITs True Reality. Humanity in its current level of awareness is mostly in this ‘forgetful’ state.

-Some few are ‘fully aware’ of the ONE SELF They Are, 

-many are aware of the Truth but carry much ‘conditioning’ that obscures full awareness … this is called Free with baggage,

-many more hold some mind-belief that they are ‘possibly’ more than just a body-mind-identity, 

-while most sleep deeply believing fully they are just an individual person in a vast and often cruel universe.

Most of this can ‘feel’ like ‘losing the SELF’ but that is NOT possible since the SELF You Are is eternal. No matter what your current state of awareness is, You Are the SELF ‘only’ and WILL remember this Truth when you have had enough of dreaming.

~~John McIntosh

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