Sunday, July 28, 2019

On Stage

On Stage

Division seems the certainty of our days
Seldom questioned from birth to death
Upon waking we go forth on our stage 
The stage we have always assumed
With its hidden dangers and our fears
Fears based on the ending of our show
But sometimes an intermission is reached
A gesture interrupts our performance
A divisive trance is suddenly shaken
We Recognize what always has been...

The Daily Quote from Rupert Spira, 28th July 2019

The separate, inside self is like a middleman, dividing our essential Being of ever-present, unlimited Awareness from all experience. This division places us in a relationship of conflict, always seeking to hold onto, resist or change the current situation, never letting it be the one thing it always is – just what it is. Without the middleman, the relationship between ourself and all experience is one of natural, effortless intimacy. This intimacy is the experience of love in relation to people and animals, happiness in relation to situations, and beauty in relation to objects.

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