Monday, July 1, 2019

Directly go

Directly go

here is a message
that will reply to
your shortage of time~~
if you are looking
for fulfillment via
a step-by-step road
and find temporary
uplifts along your way
but your wish is for 
a permanent arrival~~
there is a road by
which you can go 
and find you have 
already arrived~~!
just stop!  and recognize
how all of your roads 
have many destinations 
named: Nowhere~~~!

"When Ramana Maharshi was suddenly overcome by the fear of death, he lay down on the ground and simply asked himself, 'What is the essential nature of myself? What cannot be removed from myself? What happens to awareness when the body dies?' In other words, he spontaneously engaged in the process of self-investigation.
As a compassionate concession to people's difficulties and objections, all the great spiritual and religious traditions have enumerated various disciplines and practices to refine and prepare the mind for its eventual subsidence in its source or essence.
Ramana Maharshi bypassed all these progressive means and went directly from his current experience to the essential nature of his mind, thus resurrecting the Direct Path for our age.
This is the age of the Direct Path."
~ Rupert Spira ~

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