Saturday, July 20, 2019


    • Boredom

      is an overtone of
      the quotidian..the everyday
      the is said
      "same old same old.."
      seemingly there is belief
      of an inequality
      showing up on occasion
      and labeled as exciting or
      not so exciting..
      the root of our boredom
      as with our fears and angst
      is the concealed culprit:
      an unquestioned belief
      in a life lived in separation...

      Rupert Spira on Boredom

      Daniel Castonguay photography...quotidian

      Every time I open my eyes,
      I invite the world to take shape.
      And every time the world takes shape,
      I’m invited to open my eyes
      And see the world raw and naked,
      Holding out its hand,
      Calling me into itself,
      Where I am taken into the transparency of things
      And find myself transparent there.
      Standing on the edge, looking down and in
      To the dark, silent pool in which the world is cradled.
      And I am cradled there, held with all things
      And hold all things in myself.
      Myself, not a thing in the world,
      But This, Here, Seeing,
      In which the world opens,
      Inviting and offering itself.
      And every time it is seen, it dies.
      And in dying, holds out its hand again
      Asking to be taken in.
      And every time I take it in,
      I, too, die.
      And in dying, am known,
      As This, Here, Seeing.
      Every time I open my eyes.
      ~ Rupert Spira

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