Saturday, April 11, 2015

Heart and Conflict

Heart and Conflict

Sitting in morning sun
 this April spring day
waiting for words of tribute
 for our teacher's departing..
 Friday trips to the Senior Center
for those twenty eight years
there wearing his exampled past..
From a lifetime of preparing 
 weekly word gifts rise and express..

Morning sun finding breeze
a bumblebee just passed and
the grass hints of green..
Our teacher's mentor spoke
of a past not dead
and not even past..
This presence of Now 
finds our heart..
And of the heart:
when writing disturbs 
the whiteness of a page
this reminds us of conflict
 the heart with itself..

The sun's warmth dispels 
April's chill and we 
remember that whiteboard
after Colleen's erasing..
With new whiteness
the heart cleansed for Now
of the words and maps
of Yoknapatapha..
Those many conflicts 
with itself..

As he departs this morning
for his Liberty Heights home
we wish him the freedom
that name implies..
Doves in the distance
spring birds chirping
a steady traffic rumble..
Perhaps we know Now
our heart's conflicts
are simply made 
of itself...

Our best wishes 
to you Jesse,
our Teacher 
and Friend...

Charlie Coon
April 24th, 2015

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