Sunday, February 14, 2021

Being shouting at the seeker..(Tony Parsons)



Somehow..midst the entanglement of many things
We might notice that in which the entanglement appears..
If we do..the many things may declare their
Seamlessness with that in which they appear..and
With all appearances in a vastness with no edges..
With this simple noticing..somehow..we can be 
Home and free..or..somehow..without even noticing
We can recognize we are already home and free...

Tony Parsons explains that we live intimately with the very thing we are looking for..."being", which is the only constant!
Comment: Tony, in my experience I notice there is something that’s aware of all things; I’m aware of thoughts coming in my head, different kinds of causes, different effects, different feelings, and yet, when I am looking to see “who this me is”, there is nothing. Yet, there is something that is aware of what’s happening.
Tony: Awareness is once removed. It’s still subtly duel. There’s awareness of you sitting on a seat, so there are two things. The sitting on a seat and awareness of it. Liberation is totally beyond the watcher and awareness…all of that. Awareness is still an experience. And the difficulty with things like self-inquiry is that people get into this awareness but they can’t stay in it, obviously, because it is still in a time-space story. It’s still in a dream. It’s still transient. It comes and it goes, you can’t stay in it. You will try to stay in it and you can’t.
There is only one constant – being. It never leaves. It doesn’t come and it doesn’t go away. And we rush around looking for it. “Where is it??” You can’t do being. Is anybody doing breathing? Is anybody doing sitting in a chair? You can’t achieve being. *Being is all there is and it speaks through the senses*.
The senses are shouting at you “Look, here I am already”. Five senses, the feelings and thinking are all beingness simply being, and seekers are looking for that which is, which is absolutely shouting at the seeker and yet, cannot be known."

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