Friday, February 12, 2021

Attachment to thoughts..



Are they ours..?

With the assumption of separation 

An easy Yes is said along with

A strange brief glance..

But if we remove the assumption

This illusory assumption

The uneasy thinker finds

A crumbling identity..

Frightened and joyful..and thoughts visit from


Q: “Where does thought come into all of this? What is its purpose?
Tony Parsons: Thought originates in the infinite. It is part of the game of creation. There are two kinds of thoughts: abstract thought and natural thought. Abstract thought is concerned with the apparent future and the apparent past – will I win the lottery or die of cancer or should I meditate more regularly. Natural thought is, for instance, “I need to place this piece of wood in that position in order to saw it in half,” or “I will fry these onions before adding rice.” All of our thoughts are fed to us from consciousness. That is why we have no responsibility. If you watch a day where your thoughts come from or how they happen, you will discover when you get to the root of them that they are not yours and that they did not originate from you. When we discover this, we begin to see that we have no choice and no free will. We are being lived through, and one of the ways we are lived through is with thinking.
The dream of separation is maintained through abstract thought. We are born with particular characteristics, and our lives will take a particular form or shape. After awakening, nothing will basically change, and the awakened one will still follow a particular way of being. Abstract thought can still happen, but most of the time the watcher is there, and as these abstract thoughts arise, they are simply not hooked into. There is, most of the time, no identification with them. Natural thinking begins to take over, and what I call creative thought also emerges and is expressed in one way or another. Often this awakening can be expressed in direct teaching with others, but creative thought can be expressed in any field you wish to mention.”
Q. So how do we deal with abstract thought?
Tony: Again, you cannot “deal” with it. But as you open more to the awareness and acceptance of “what is, as it is”, there will emerge a freedom from the restriction of being identified with abstract thought. This will happen without your intention, so you can give up any judgement about thinking and allow it to be there, without the idea that you can do something about it. Come to see that you don’t have to do anything about thought. Ultimately, you will realize that you are not your thoughts, your mind, your body, or any other object, but that behind all these is a still, constant, seeming nothingness from which everything emanates, this is what you are."


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