Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Searcher...(with Krishnamurti)


The Searcher..

Whether known or not:

When not in deep sleep..we

Are all on a search..we want

To find what we had..but Alas

Now is lost..we search as we

Dream our many dreams..

Until the discovery of our

Loss as the Dreamer of

Some character known as

The Searcher...

An excerpt from U. G. Krishnamurti’s book  'The Anti Guru'`~

U. G.:  You see, I maintain that - I don’t know, whatever you call this: I don’t like to use the words ‘enlightenment’. ‘freedom’, ‘maksha’, or liberation; all these words are loaded words, they have a connotation of their own – this cannot be brought about through any effort of yours; it just happens. And why it happens to one individual and not another, I don’t know.

Questioner: So, it happened to you?

U.G. It happened to me.

Q: When, sir?

U. G. In my forty-ninth year…But whatever you do in the direction of whatever you are after – the pursuit or search for truth or reality – takes you away from your own very natural state, in which you always are. It’s not something you can acquire, attain or accomplish as a result of your effort – that is why I use the word ‘acausal’. It has no cause, but somehow the search comes to an end.

Q: You think, Sir, that it is not the result of the search? I ask because I have heard that you studied philosophy, that you were associated with religious people…

U. G. : You see, the search takes you away from yourself – it is in the opposite direction – it has absolutely no relation.

Q: In spite of it, it has happened, not because of it?

U. G. : In spite of it, yes – that’s the word. All that you do makes it impossible for what is already there to express itself. That is why I call this ‘your natural state’. You’re always in that state. *What prevents what is there from expressing itself. in its own way, is the search.* The search is always in the wrong direction, so ALL that you consider very profound, ALL that you consider sacred, is a contamination in that consciousness. You may not (laughs) like the word ‘contamination’, but all that you consider sacred, holy, and profound is a contamination.

So, there is nothing that you can do. It’s not in your hands. I don’t like to use the word ‘grace’, because if you use the word ‘grace’ , the grace for whom?

If it were possible for me, I would give, to be able to help somebody. This is something which I can’t give, because you have it. Why should I give it to you? It is ridiculous to ask for a thing you already have.” 

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