Sunday, August 30, 2020





-John McIntosh

The mind will tell you that there is a ‘special one’ out there and you just need to … ‘find them’ and ‘be ready’ or ‘be open’ or a thousand other sage-sounding phrases to assure you that you are not alone. This is a very warm and cozy hope-filled sentiment to sooth those who feel ‘incomplete’ … and that is ‘everyone’ who is NOT Truly Free. Some will seek it through power, fame, acquisition, wealth and the attempt ‘to build a wall around themselves that nothing can penetrate’ as one famous motivational speaker used to say. Relationships with that one special person are the most common of these ways to feel ‘Whole’.

All of these are part of the diversionary tactics of the mind designed to keep you ‘seeking but never finding’ the absolute ONE-ness you already ‘are’. Nothing that has a beginning and an ending is Real. Eternity ‘is’ Infinite without birth or death – ‘unborn’, and is never absent from Whole-ness, which is Who you Really are. Relationships of any kind, especially the very close ones such as in a marriage, are there to offer you a clear ‘mirror’ of who you are NOT … until you return to the full Awareness of the Freedom you Are.

The closer a relationship, the more it ‘triggers’ your conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] revealing what is ready to be transformed. These triggers return over and over again until you look beyond the stories and into the deep feelings that hold you prisoner to a personal identity, always built on limitation and separation. You ‘are’ complete now and have always been. Close and personal relationships are there to reveal what is blocking this Awareness not to bring something which the mind tells you is somehow ‘missing’.

If, after full Awareness of the God you are returns to you, you find yourself in a ‘close relationship’, which is more correctly referred to as UNICITY since you then KNOW [not believe] that you are ONE, they will ‘always’ mirror the Beauty and the Infinite Grandeur you are.

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