Thursday, August 6, 2020

Listening. (with Jean Klein)


Shapes but does not
Add or subtract from
Our Self..
Allowing the shaping
Is listening..which is lost
When expectation overrules...

First listen, and in the listening you will see that you don't listen. 
In your listening there is expectation. You are listening with an-
ticipation. See that. It is a fact, without judging or comparison, it is 
a fact. Seeing really the fact that you don't listen brings you to 
listening and listening is the answer. Feel yourself in the answer. 
To live freely in the answer you must give up what is not the 
answer. But don't emphasize what you give up; emphasize the 
giving-up, the up-giving, itself. 
~~Jean Klein, Transmission of the Flame

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