Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Quarantined Joy. (Cell 54...Anwar Sadat)

Quarantined Joy

(Below is a wonderful writing about Sadat's
Recognition of his conditions which
most consider quite difficult..He says his
Cell 54 experience was the happiest time
of his life.)

The possibility lives 
That we might Recognize the reality
Or better..the Reality..of our lives..
While in cells..
Some find their Reality
A Reality of Happiness..of Joy..
When the material universe outside
Is denied..attention hesitates but
Reverses in a way not before find the Treasure
Of all our searching heretofore...

In Cell 54, I could only be my own companion, day and night, and it was only natural that I should come to know that ‘self’ of mine. I had never had such a chance before, preoccupied as I had been with work in the army and with politics, and hurried along by the constant stream of life.

Now in the complete solitude of Cell 54, when I had no links at all with the outside world—not even newspapers or a radio—the only way in which I could break my loneliness was, paradoxically, to seek the companionship of that inner entity I call ‘self’ …

Through that feeling which came to be an indivisible part of my very being (and which, though unconsciously, remained with me all my life), I was able to transcend the confines of time and place. Spatially, I did not live in a four-walled cell but in the entire universe …

Inside Cell 54, as my material needs grew increasingly less, the ties which had bound me to the natural world began to be severed, one after another. My soul, having jettisoned its earthly freight, was freed and took off like a bird soaring into space, into the furthest regions of existence, into infinity …
~~Anwar el-Sadat, In Search of Identity

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