Monday, April 27, 2020

Amazon book review...(John McIntosh's latest book)

Brevity and clarity!!  These are watchwords for this new book by John McIntosh.
The world is actually hungry for such a book, but the source for the hunger is
very seldom recognized.  However, there may be change brewing in the time 
in which we are living.  We have reached a point in the conventionally realized 
history of the planet that our growth and practices of living are no longer sustainable. 
This book provides a direct trajectory for any of us to recognize this so-called history 
as the content of what John calls the Grand Dream.  The Dream is a persistent one, 
claiming an independent reality which has been convincing to so many for so long. 
This false reality results from a strong belief in separation, mythically represented
by the story of the Garden of Eden. Illusory though it is, as a dream, familiarity 
with its content assists in the self-inquiry and surrender necessary for awakening 
to the Reality of our true Self.  The cyclical nature of this Dreamed history, John 
explains as the cycles of Patriarchy and Matriarchy, with the latter emerging in a 
Great Shift, carrying a possibility of a widespread Awakening from the Grand Dream.  
This is a Perennial message communicated in modern terms, and available for 
everyone, regardless of background...and simply entails the discovery that our 
searching for relief from our hunger lies not in the Dream, but in recognition of 
our true Self..which has always been Present...If you are ready, you can't go wrong 
with this book..!!

Amazon review...

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