Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Stretch of Land. (with Barry Lopez)

A Stretch of Land

When our mind is aware
Of a stretch of land
A map comes forth in
Many variations
Of measurement and
Maps are masks which
We do not recognize
Until a nagging something
Asks what can be known
By removing the mask...

"Whatever evaluation we finally make of a stretch of land, however, no matter how profound or accurate, we will find it inadequate. The land retains an identity of its own, still deeper and more subtle than we can know. Our obligation toward it then becomes simple: to approach with an uncalculating mind, with an attitude of regard. To try to sense the range and variety of its expression—its weather and colors and animals. To intend from the beginning to preserve some of the mystery within it as a kind of wisdom to be experienced, not questioned. And to be alert for its openings, for that moment when something sacred reveals itself within the mundane, and you know the land knows you are there."
- Barry Lopez (1945 - )
Arctic Dreams

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