Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Forest Paintings... (by Deb Komitor)

Fallen But Not Forgotten

Such is the appearance of death
And such will be ours as we 
Remain in the grasp of the fall..
Yet the fall is only appearance which
Begs for our remembrance of All...


The Forest Never Sleeps

The forest dresses in 
Towers of darkness
Veiling light which birthed
Its many beginnings..never
Sleeping..Knowing of this... 

Eternal Life in the Forest

Before our eyes..new life is observed 
Emerging colorfully from death..yet
We know this color will also fade
Inviting us to pause as we wonder:  
What might always be New...


A Mindful Meander

The forest invites us
To meander..to recognize that
We are Here and Now..as we
Happen into those many
Recesses of darkness and light...


Wandering Off The Path

Creating a new path which is entirely 
Your own..there was curiosity and perhaps
Some fear..you claimed this path had never 
Been tread before..then you were Startled:
You have forever been walking New paths..


Trusting Where the Path Leads

There are many possible
Stops for rest..on forest paths
Where we set our feet..
Resting reminds us that
All paths pass through Here...


 Living Waters

Small streams and falling waters
Sometimes are surprise encounters in
A forest of surprises..we meet to
Remind us of flows within deep water
Which is eternal.. does not flow... 


Natures Tapestry

The face of nature appears
As a tapestry..and  can offer
Coloring and shaping of our Self..
Otherness dissolves and
Real Beauty arrives...


In Times Like These

The forest instructs:
Please observe my changing
Shapes and colors..and Know
These are made of my Eternity..
My cure for all your infections...


Pool Party

We need to observe fish in their
Pools..their awareness always of that
In which they live and thrive..then
We might Recognize our own Pool..
This Recognition deserves a party...!



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