Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Indifference...(Byron Katie)


the word has the connotation
of not caring..but there is more..
when "I" is known
there is a knowing that recognizes
the departure of limits
and a recognition that appearances
are fleeting and simply made
of that which is not limited..
appearances..then..are a matter of
indifference in our recognized

from Byron Katie:

Respectful resonant words from Byron Katie
"When I'm working with someone, it may seem that I'm indifferent to the outcome. I'm not concerned about whether they do The Work, how deep their insight is, whether they're even listening, what they do with it, how far they go with it, whether they're in total resistance or have a major awakening and are forever grateful, whether they walk out and say that was totally useless.
What I do care about is what you care about. If you don't answer the questions, or your mind doesn't open to another depth, if your answers are very shallow and limited, I experience amazing peace at seeing clearly that for you that's depth, in fact it's all the depth that is required, no more, no less. If it appears to me that you've made no headway whatsoever, I see that what you hold onto is what is dear to you, and that's what I want.
When you're answering the questions and the bottom falls out, and all the old variety of help you ever considered as useful drops away from you and I see you fall into what is beautiful, I love that you love that. I love the polarity you just entered, the polarity of "I don't know," where everything is a surprise and new, original, fresh, and brilliant, like a child discovering life for the very first time.
This is not my preference unless it's your preference. I want what you want. Anything less than that is not being one with you, joining you, communing with you. I cannot take your old beliefs from you. If I were to want that, it would be ahead of your want, which is fine unless I hold the expectation that you should travel where I travel or that you even could or that's it's even time. Nothing ahead of its time, and I don't deal in time. To enter time and attempt to manipulate it is a futile and impossible expectation. I care about what you care about, no more, no less. And that is care. No pushing, no pulling, no tug of war, just holding, loving."

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