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Each of us
experiences the veil
                    the shadow
                    the separation
which hide our real nature..
until our experience
like a tree planted by water 
replaces our beliefs in  
seeming opposition.. 
erasing the division and
exposing  the peace of
our only Reality...

Psalm 1 (CEV)

(Psalms 1-41)
The Way to Happiness
1 God blesses those people
    who refuse evil advice
    and won’t follow sinners
    or join in sneering at God.
2 Instead, the Law of the Lord
    makes them happy,
    and they think about it
    day and night.
3 They are like trees
    growing beside a stream,
    trees that produce
    fruit in season
    and always have leaves.
Those people succeed
    in everything they do.
4 That isn’t true of those
    who are evil,
    because they are like straw
    blown by the wind.
5 Sinners won’t have an excuse
    on the day of judgment,
    and they won’t have a place
    with the people of God.
6 The Lord protects everyone
    who follows him,
    but the wicked follow a road
    that leads to ruin.

Luke 6:17-26 (CEV)

Blessings and Troubles
20 Jesus looked at his disciples and said:
God will bless you people
who are poor.
    His kingdom belongs to you!
21 God will bless
    you hungry people.
You will have plenty
    to eat!
God will bless you people
who are crying.
    You will laugh!
23 “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, 
because great is your reward in heaven. 
For that is how their ancestors treated 
the prophets.
24 But you rich people
    are in for trouble.
You have already had
    an easy life!
25 You well-fed people
    are in for trouble.
    You will go hungry!
You people
    who are laughing now
    are in for trouble.
You are going to cry
    and weep!
Contemporary English Version (CEV)
Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society

Tetzaveh is thus the Parshah in the Torah that embodies the “you” of Moses, his transcendent essence.
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