Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Direct Path

The Direct Path

seems to be the
recommended path
for our time..
our time of quantum pace
and of special urgency..

the luxury of time
born of the belief
in the primacy of time
is quickly dissolving
before our eyes..

right here..right now
is the imperative.. 
pushed by personal and
ecological tragedies we
search for directness..

enter the Direct Path
and a recognition
immediate..of the source
of spiritual and worldly

we are invited to access
right here and now 
our revealed identity 
lodged in and made of
illuminating peace...

"The Direct Path requires no spiritual or religious
affiliation or background.  No preparatory practice
is required for the simple recognition that being
aware or awareness itself is the essential, irreducible,
indivisible element in all experience, to which we 
refer as "I" or "myself".  None has privileged access 
to it.  It is equally available to all people, in all places,
under all circumstances and in all situations.  All 
that is required is a deep interest in the nature of
reality, or an intuition that the peace, happiness or
love for which all people long cannot be satisfied 
by objective experience." 
~~ Rupert Spira, The Nature of Consciousness

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