Friday, February 1, 2019

Non-Duality preliminaries..

Non-Duality preliminaries..

How might Non-Duality be introduced
for those who have no previous exposure..?
It should be noted that the experience
is available for everyone at any time..

Non-Duality is related to Self-realization
ie. who or what we recognize ourselves to be..
and to the personal and cultural impediments
which cause us to overlook this vital discovery..

The concept of a "journey" can be helpful.  All
7 billion of us are on a life journey, something
all 7 billion would likely acknowledge..

Is your journey a conventional one, as most 
would claim..perhaps like a vacation trip
peering out  of a car window at the sights..or  
living with all of the apparent ups and downs..? there curiosity over an intuition that there 
may be something more to one's journey..?

We can speak of two paths in relation to
Self-realization:  the Progressive path, and a 
more expeditious (or urgent..?) Direct path..
These paths are not mutually exclusive..

Most journeys involve some kind of
progressive path.  Included are activities 
relating to religion or spirituality, and numerous 
self-help programs which are engaged by many..
Others involve immersion in nature, attending 
retreats, watching YouTube videos, reading
and writing, and others..

I relate primarily to the Direct path..
A question:  Is the time in which
we are living ripe for the Direct path..?

Your interest in the above, and pondering 
the following questions may be informative:
Have you felt, occasionally, or often, that there is 
a "missing" element in your life..a need for
a way to mend nagging feelings of separation..?
Have you asked yourself questions, such as:  
Who am I..? or What is experience..? 

What of the apparent materialist orientation 
of the culture, and of our lives..? Troubling..?
How do you feel these questions impact your
current, perhaps lifelong, religious affiliation..?

All of these considerations might flag for you 
an interest in exploring the offerings of 


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