Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I AM...Rupert Spira

I have no words to express myself,
but all words express only me.
I have no meaning,
but impart meaning to all that is perceived.
I am without beginning and end,
but all things begin and end in me.
I have no name,
but I am called by all names. 
I have no name, but I am called by all names.
I have no form, but all form integrates me.
I have no origin, but I am the origin of all things.
I am without division, but all divisions exist in me.
I exist by myself.

I am the longing in sadness
and the longed for in all longing.
I am the expecting
and the expected in all expectation.
I am the restlessness of the restless.
I am the peace of the peaceful.
I am happiness itself.
I cannot be contemplated,
but I am the object of all contemplation.
I am imperceivable,
yet you perceive only me.
I am full, but have nothing.
I am empty, but contain all.
I give away everything,
but I am never diminished.
I receive all, but never expand.
I am everyones lover, I shine.
I speak, but I am silent.
I move, but I am motionless.
I see, but cannot be seen.
I hear, but cannot be heard.
I taste, but cannot be tasted.
I smell, but cannot be smelled.
I touch, but cannot be touched.
I smile.
~ Rupert Spira
Excerpt from “Song of Myself”
Artist: Berislava Grace

What we long for is the space of Awareness in which all longing takes place. In fact, it is even closer than that. What we long for is itself taking the shape of our longing. 
~~Rupert Spira

The ultimate purpose of evolution is to draw attention to that which does not evolve.
~~Rupert Spira

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