Friday, December 28, 2018

Religions in Afterlife

QUESTION: RELIGIONS IN THE AFTERLIFE Will those who practice a religion remain in their religion for all eternity? For example, will Christians remain Christians forever?

Victor: Highly credible information from afterlife teachers tells us that in the early stages after arriving in the afterlife, people do continue to practice their own particular religion. There are beautifully constructed mosques, temples, cathedrals etc. But as spirits go to the higher realms, they completely drop ALL religious beliefs. They accept that there is one God and one religion, the religion of love. from:


contain the stories and creeds
and building of temples and cathedrals
which in their best teaching role
point to That which contains all
thought and perception..seeming
to compose this objective life..

in a more idolatrous role
religions demand belief in these
many constructions of 
thought and perception..
however..these also are made
of That which contains..and
provide only temporary 
expression and color..which
fade with knowing of Truth..

awakening in "this life" involves
discovery of the perennial truth
of the only-Reality of Consciousness..
so why not imagine the same
in what is referred as Afterlife...?

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