Monday, December 10, 2018

Bathing..a Meditation

Bathing..a Meditation

A sense of grayness
perhaps of depression
in these holiday days..
times before
we have searched for
in downtown windows
in company of another
in comforting wine..

this morning we desire
more..more permanence
causeless happiness..
we wish for a bath
washing the hurt..

A warm bath rises
in our awareness..
stepping in to the
immersing water we
find a penetration of
water and warmth..
a body form now
is water form..
shaping our bathing
with only


When the lightning of love for the Beloved
Falls from heaven and strikes this heart –
Know that love is also firing that heart,
And when the love for Him brims over in your heart,
Know that love for you is also brimming in His.
Can the sound of clapping come only from one hand?
When a thirsty man moans, "O water, O delicious water!"
This thirst that is in all our souls
Is the Water drawing us always to It.
We belong to It, and It belongs to us. 

- Rumi

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