Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ego beware

Ego beware

ego is self we believe we are
and this self wishes for a long life
a life of happiness and recognition..
threats to the ego are encountered warily
and with stealth and flex..
the most serious threat comes with a
denial of existence..a red alert..!
it is then that the ego can assume the form
of that which threatens..
ego as small self expands to Large
and claims to a knowing of the unity of all
and for a moment wins us over to
a concept placed on a pedestal..

ego beware...!    (Rupert Spira)

"Transcending the ego, gaining an objective view of the "ego-making machine" is self-realization. Getting caught in it ceases.
Liberation is when the reality-constructing machine is exposed. Concepts are seen as they arise and do not influence action. Action that arises in "one" who is liberated is traditionally called non-action.
Then one might ask how can any movement be initiated? Here, the nondual approach is recognizing pure consciousness as the wisdom of that which works only as a unit. The unit comprises all that we know and the unknowable. Any interference of mind modules/thought mechanisms is not the liberated state but a returning to a state of hypnosis."
~Jac O'Keeffe

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