Monday, December 17, 2018

Evolution NOW...

Evolution NOW

a troubling juxtaposition..?
troubling due to seeming 
strength and longevity 
of a science model
which..after centuries of success
is exhausted by challenges which lie
beyond and subversive..
the root of the dilemma:
the brazen model not recognizing
its limited qualifications to
understand the unlimited reality of

the NOW experience removes  
science bedrocks of time and space  
and suggests a fuller reality..
but what of evolution's timeline
and fossil records appearing in space..?
a troubling query 
relieved only by newborn perspective
proposing that NOW is 
now the reality..and always has been:
the truth of wholeness
colored in a variety of ways
by this science model or that...

RS:  Time is Never Actually Experienced (with 13 year old boy)

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