Saturday, December 29, 2018

Books and the inner guru

Books and the inner guru

there is for some an attachment to books
which is not attachment..
reading can become a master
whose mastery over our waking hours
encroaches on the clarity we seek..
it seems that at some juncture we must
declare a pause to what can become
endless directing attention the guru lying and waiting and 
prepared to provide the clarity with joy 
which has been sought..endlessly.. 
in books...

"There will be a day when there is a realization that books just don’t do it for you any more. Keep reading and soaking up all that you are drawn to take within until that happens. Feel into the instructions you come across, and follow what has a rightness, an appropriateness, for you. Whatever brings more clarity—use it. Whatever feels dry and barren, drop it. Otherwise we are just following concepts of the "right thing" to do, and that’s a path that goes nowhere! There is a difference to what feels like the "right thing for you" and the "right thing." This is discernment and cultivation of the inner guru."
~Jac O'Keeffe

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