Saturday, December 15, 2018

Peace and the Earth

Peace and the Earth

we hear the seasonal words
peace on earth and good will..
we also hear warning words
of apocalyptic happenings to
insect populations..of our
wasteful proclivities..of the
forgotten sacredness of earth..

it seems..that most urgently
we need to find the reality of
and to consider and question
where is Peace located..?
does Peace have a boundary..?
or is Peace already with us
and the real substance
out of which each of us
and our Earth are made..?

such experience of clarity
of our own and the Earth's Peace..may lead
to reconsideration of the
appearances of insects and
their travails..and our own..
a veil may be lifted
inviting our reentry to the
apparent work which
must be done..but now 
energized by a birth of
Knowing..that Peace is 
moving and shaping

Peter Sawtell's Eco-Justice Notes

Sermon:  "The Windshield Effect"

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