Thursday, April 5, 2018

Using a thorn to remove a thorn

Using a thorn to remove a thorn

All endeavors in life
need a start in Peace..
Peace is our experience
without the 
thoughts and perceptions
which seem convincingly to
 declare an independent world..
Another name is Silence
which all may experience
any time and any place..
That is the start..
Now appear words
 of sameness and difference
which appear to break
the Peace and Silence..
Words bring longing
for that place before
wounding words unfold..
(The cosmic joke:
the place we were is
the place we are..?)
We await the arrival
of life's many teachers:
scripture and nature
neighbors and friends
an evening concert
 a startling dream..
Teachers carry words
words as thorns
to remove the thorns
which hide the place
we long to return..
And finally: all thorns
burn in the glow
of returning Peace... 

Meditation is not an activity. It is the cessation of an activity. 
In the final analysis, nothing that is absolutely true can be said of meditation, not even that it is the cessation of an activity, because meditation takes place or, more accurately, is present beyond the mind and the mind therefore, by definition, has no access to it. 
However, in order to understand that meditation is not an activity, we first come to the understanding that it is the cessation of an activity. This understanding is a very efficient tool for undermining the belief that meditation is something that we do. Once we have fully understood that meditation is not an activity, the activity that we previously considered to be meditation will naturally come to an end. At that point, the understanding that meditation is not an activity has fulfilled its purpose and can also be abandoned. 
Once the thorn has removed the thorn, both are thrown away. ~~~Rupert Spira

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